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Yahoo Autocomplete

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I am very new to JMaki. I am trying to use yahoo autocomplete for my application. I added a autocomplete widget to page, the data has to be filled on page load, by using database call.

Here are issues,

1. Can we add yahoo autocomplete without any values? When I removed the value attribute, I am getting an error. So I added with default values

2. How can I dynamic build the values for yahoo autocomplete?
I used following script to set the dynamic values using setValues event, but it did not work.

jmaki.doAjax({method: "POST",
url : "UserProfileService?method=getAllUserId",
callback : function(req) {
// alert("S");
var tmp = req.responseText;
var obj = eval("(" + tmp + ")");
jmaki.publish('/yahoo/autocomplete/setValues', obj);
jmaki.log("Loaded AutoComplete " + tmp);

Thanks in advance