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discovery and publishing advertisement

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Hi all,
I am newbie want to build file sharing and chat application, first this apllication is just for my LAN only. I have some question about discovery and publishing advertisement.

How long the default lifetime publishing in JXTA?? Do you think i need to publish it in local and outside peer or just one of each , why?? If the advertisement reach the lifetime or expired time do the other peer can find it or i need to publish it again?? How many times i need to publish advertisement, just only once or always publish it with interval time??

thank you

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Joined: 2008-01-08

The default expirations for locally created advertisements is one year in most cases, but some have longer defaults or none at all in the case of peer advertisement, when advertisements are remotely published the default is 2 hours, but can vary depending on the value set during publishing. Note that you should not change the Expiration Value of the advertisement. You should set the expiration only via the remotePublish Method.

[b]Reference :Chapter 3.JXTA Protocols by daniel Brookshier[/b]

Joined: 2008-03-03

Thanks for your reply, really helpfull.
otherwise, i have a question may be you can help me.

I've created a peergroup than other peer can discover it and then join it, it can be done. But i am still confuse about the peer created that group, do that peer automatically join or i must do it manually cause that group belongs to that peer.

Do you think a peergroup need rendezvous peer inside or to join it?? why ?