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discovery and publishing advertisement

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Hi all,
I am newbie want to build file sharing and chat application, first this apllication is just for my LAN only. I have some question about discovery and publishing advertisement.

How long the default lifetime publishing in JXTA?? Do you think i need to publish it in local and outside peer or just one of each , why?? If the advertisement reach the lifetime or expired time do the other peer can find it or i need to publish it again?? How many times i need to publish advertisement, just only once or always publish it with interval time??

thank you

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Joined: 2007-01-31

a) You can choose the lifetime you want. It is your own policy.
b) The peer publishing the advertisement will automatically do it 'outside'. The peer trying to find that advertisment will store a copy of it locally. You don't need to worry with this.
c) If the advertisement has expired, the other peer won't find it. You need to republish it.
d) If you want to make your advertisement available for a long period of time, either you set a long lifetime or you set a short lifetime and republish it several times.

Hope it helps,