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JMeld 1.9 (Visual diff and merge)

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Joined: 2003-06-17

JMeld is a visual diff and merge tool. It is build to be fast with large files and runs on any operating system. It's tries to be the java version of the outstanding program 'meld'.

Release 1.9:
- [done] Implement directory diff.
- [done] Right/Left side readonly (preference)
- [done] Ask save settings when closing settings-tab.
- [done] Allow multiple selections in FolderDiffPanel.
- [done] Rescan action in FolderDiffPanel.
- [done] Statusbar should have a bar which tells how far the diff is.
- [done] Exclude filters. (Create preferences and store with jaxb)
- [done] Ignore whitespace in diff.
- [done] Use newest swingx library (JTableTree has changed significantly)
- [done] Click in JTreeTable is forgotten if it is outside length of
- [done] Save-as, Load buttons in settings panel disappear when frame is
made smaller.