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can I build a robust pipe

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how can the pipe is independent to special node? it is to say, if the node of inpipe is downline, the pipe can transparently reconnect to the new node who rebuild the inpipe. the side of outpipe need not to do any additional work except try and try. In jxta protocol, pipe is defined as independent of that who built it. but really, I can not build such a robust pipe, when i reconnect to a inpipe that has been failed and rebuilt on another node, the binding always fail.
I need your help.

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Joined: 2003-06-12

use a unicast pipe, as they rely on the pipe resolver to ensure existing endpoints, and or re-resolve the pipe to another node if it ceases to exist. as for node mobility, it is support at the endpoint level by the router, as it will attempt to heal broken routes as soon as they are discovered.