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Modify components in run time.

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Joined: 2008-03-05

Having the following code:

<br />
var myFrame = Frame {<br />
	var: me<br />
    title: bind "JavaFX"<br />
    GridPanel {<br />
        var: pannel<br />
        rows: 2<br />
        columns: 1<br />
        cells: [<br />
	        Label {<br />
	            text: "Change me!"}]},<br />
	        Button {<br />
	            text: "Change"<br />
	            action: operation() {<br />
	            	System.out.println(pannel.cells[0]); // shows a label "Change me!"<br />
	            	pannel.cells[0] = new Button {<br />
	            		text: "Changed!"<br />
						action: operation() {/*void*/}<br />
	            	};<br />
	            	System.out.println(pannel.cells[0]); // shows a button "Changed!"<br />
	            }<br />
	        }<br />
		]<br />
	}<br />
    visible: true<br />
}<br />

I get the messages indicating that cells[0] have changed, however the view doesn't reflect the change.

Is it possible to change components at run time?

Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2007-07-12

The idea is to bind an array of widgets with cells attribute from GridPanel class:

import javafx.ui.*;
import java.lang.System;

var pannel = [];
pannel = [
Label {
text: "Change me!"
}, Button {
text: "Change"
action: operation() {
// shows a label "Change me!"
delete pannel[0];
insert Button {
text: "Changed!"
action: operation() {/*void*/}
} before pannel[0];

//insert Button{ text: "Text"} into pannel;
// shows a button "Changed!"

var myFrame = Frame {
var: me
title: bind "JavaFX"
content: GridPanel {
rows: 2
columns: 1
cells: bind pannel
visible: true

Joined: 2008-03-05

Hi alexsch

Thank you for your reply, it worked at the end with a lot of trouble, let me eplain:

Im using eclipse (personally i don't like betbeans) it happens that with the libraries shipped on the plugin:

The code you gave me doesn't work, i took the swing-layour library from the netbeans plugin:
And it worked like a charm.

Having this i downloaded the SVN version to get the lasted libraries and keep myself up to date, but in that version the libraries shipped included :

I don't know which one is the recent one all i know is that your code is working with 1.0.3.

Best regards.

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