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Using phoneMe to develop apps on arm-based platform.

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HI All,
I am new to java world and some of my concepts are also not clear. so bear with me if i make some very stupid comment or ask an obvious question.

1: I downloaded binary version of phoneME_feature and advanced on my machine. does phoneMe means JVM + libraries/classpath. Then what all can i do with this. ??
Can i write simple java application which i can run ON it ??

2: Also i had to setup qt-embedded it to work. IS there any way using which i can avoid doing that and have very minimal no gui kind of stuff ??

3: How do one compiles test programs to run on those machines. I could run HelloWorld program given in tests but i could not figure it out how to create those class files.

4: Also are they feature and advanced same fundamentally and whatever can be done on one can also be done other ?? or there is some basic difference in him. Coz i did not find anything like cvm, cvmc in feature so,

5: I want to get this working on my arm-setup . So will you plz let me know what toolchain i should used and how.

If some of these questions are already answered , give me link to thread.

thanks in advance

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Sorry for the slow response. I missed your post initially. Have you found answers by now or are you still looking for a response to your questions?

-- Terrence