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CrossFTP Client 1.39 Released

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Product Description:
CrossFTP is an excellent FTP client for reliable file transfers. It uses a familiar, Explorer-like interface so that the novice user can master in minutes. Please start the downloaded item by Java Web Start (javaws). Some main features are:
1. Multi-tabs navigation.
2. Archive browse, extraction, and compression.
3. CrossFTP Server startup for easy file sharing.
4. Unicode support for international sites.
5. Text and Image Quick Viewer.
6. Bonjour Service Discovery Protocol
7. Quick File Filtering by Masks;
8. Auto-reconnect and anti-idle,
and bit more...

CrossFTP Pro is a turbo synchronization tool and FTP/FXP/FTPS/SFTP/WebDav(s) client by a license fee, which further features:
1. Mutli-Thread Queue Processing Engine.
2. Secure File Transportation (SSL/TLS).
3. FXP (Site to Site) File Transportation.
4. FTPS/SSH File Transportation.
5. WebDav and WebDav/HTTPS support.
6. Remote file edit and save.
7. Search for FTP files and local archive files.
8. Backup and Bi-directional Synchronization Tool
and bit more...

What's new in this version:
CrossFTP 1.39 is a major enhancement release. It adds HTTP, FTP, and SOCKS support for CrossFTP Pro, improves the directory selection function, fixes the Webdav's directory list function, and fixes a number of various bugs.

System requirement:
Sun Java 1.4+

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