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Using Eclipse with the HD Cookbook Project

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Joined: 2007-03-18

Hi everyone,

We use several different IDE's at NetBlender for development one of which is the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Like Bill mentioned once a developer is use to using a tool they tend to want to stick with it even a solution like VI and the command line approach. Therefore we've setup the Eclipse IDE workspace for HDCookbook project and published a wikipaper on how to do this.

The Wikipaper will go live on March 4th 2008, however a sneak peek can be found here:

We have setup the Eclipse workspace to be relative. This allows you to Zip the root folder then Unzip it on any machine and be up and running in no time. Good for setting up a team of developers.

If you have any questions about the Wikipaper you can always contact me directly by viewing my profile. Or you can send feed back to our documentation team (see the Wikipaper for more information).

Hope this helps,

Denny B.
NetBlender DoStudio MX Team - NDS -

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Hi Danny,

Thanks for setting this up and sending out information about it. It gave me a chance to try out this popular IDE called Eclipse for the first time. :-)

I'm using Netbeans and cygwin for my everyday work. The .nbproject folder is checked into the svn repository so that the user can open the hdcookbook directory with NB as an existing project.

Meanwhile, hdcookbook is currently a free-form project for NB, in which the build process is handled by a set of hand-written ant scripts. This ant structure seems to transfer to Eclipse well, that it also has a support for building a project off of an existing build.xml.

We can check in files for the Eclipse setup - such as .classpath and .project files - into our svn repository also, if that would be helpful.


Joined: 2007-03-18

Hi Chihiro,

The Eclipse Wikipaper is our 2nd most popular wikipaper right now so I'm glad you found it very easy to use and didn't run into any problems. We know how an IDE can be a ver personal preference. Switching IDE's and learning a new API can run into trouble shooting the use of the IDE or the use of the API. This is when we decided to create the Wikipaper.

We are more then happy to support Eclipse setup files if they checked in and welcome the community to help support them as well.


Denny B.
[i]NetBlender DoStudio Blu-ray Team - DSA - [/i]