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Swinger framework is released

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Hello all !

I announce that Swinger framework is released in version 0.1. This a framework which allow to build Swing UI with XML file. It is not complete because I've been working on this framework for three days only, but you can test it with few components like JTextArea, JLabel and JButton. More components are coming soon ;-)

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Joined: 2008-04-15

Hello hadf,

thats a nice project, in fact I have written something quite similiar, coming from another direction. Some time ago I wrote a layout API called JGridMaker for my personal use in [url=]another project[/url], allowing to arrange JComponents in a html like syntax. When this was done, I added support to generate the components that shall be aranged on the fly as well, currently supporting JButton, JCheckbox, JLabel, JPanel, JSlider, JTextArea and JTextfield. I will have a look at your code to see how you solved it, maybe we can learn from each other!

I planed to publish the JGridMaker API as open source quite some time ago and was finally searching for a site where to place it (source forge, etc.). This is how I stumbled upon your post here. Are you happy with google code?

Best Regards;
Ingo aka ChaosE71

Joined: 2008-03-03


I didn't worked on my project for a long time
I'm refactoring the project. Core api has been rewritten, I haven't released the changes yet, version 0.4 is coming soon. It will be possible to plugin the application and add personnal components, even personnal parameters.

About google code, it provides a reliable svn support. The weak is the documentation and community support. The wiki is unsatisfactory, particulary if you want to publish portion of code. I wanted to publish a java web start demo, but it is not possible on google code.

In the future, I will probably keep google code for svn support, but I will have another site for communication.

you can see my gmail identifier on as project owner. don't hesitate to contact me by email