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JIDE Software announces JIDE 2.2.2 release and JDAF 1.2.1 release

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February 27, 2008

We are pleased to announce another major release JIDE component products as well as JDAF.

NavigableTable and NavigableModel

Similar to the design pattern we did for StyleModel and SpanModel, NavigableModel is yet another model interface which allows user to customize the cell navigation using keyboard and/or mouse. If your user is heavy keyboard user, this model will ease their efforts by skipping unnecessary cells when they press tab key.

PivotDataModel Performance Tuning

JIDE Pivot Grid gets more and more popular. People start to use it to display millions of rows where performance becomes an issue. In this release, we introduced several performance tweaks to make it running more smoothly. For example, we no longer calculate possible values until user clicks on the filter drop down button, we cache hashCode calculation, etc. We also did a benchmark and post the result in JIDE Pivot Grid Developer Guide. Please feel free to do your own benchmark and let us know the result. We promise to make our pivot data calculation engine as fast as possible.


We would also like to make a pre-announcement of a coming feature. It is not directly related to Swing components but still related to user interface design. As we all know, icons are vital to a nice-looking user interface. We will release our first set of stock icons in about three weeks. It will have a total of 141 professionally designed icons. It is not going to be free but will be at a very affordable $149 per set which is roughly $1 per icon. For Java developers, they will be extremely easy to use as we will integrate it with our IconsFactory class and will also introduce a few other helper classes allowing you to use any icons at any sizes using just one line of code. You can check out more details at We will also introduce custom icon design services to meet your need.

There also a few cool new features. For example, AutoRepeatButtonUtils will make the button periodically triggering the action listener if user presses and holds mouse button, IconsFactory's createRotatedImage will create a rotate image from an existing image and it works with any degree. Please refer to the change log to for all the new features and bug fixes.

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