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JMaki with Apache Reverse Proxy

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I am using Apache web server as a front to Glassfish.

My Jmaki web app is running on Glassfish. When I attempt to use Apache's reverse proxy (to remove the port numbers out of the url), Jmaki defaults to webroot [http://localhost:8080/] instead of [] -

where the mod_proxy is configured:

Order deny,allow
Allow from all

ProxyPass /foo
ProxyPassReverse /foo

As a result, Jmaki does not find the framework core (glue.js, component.js, etc).
How do I prevent this?

Thanks in advance and congratulations on an amazing framework!


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Thank you for your interest in jMaki. We have other deployments that do this and we use the jmaki-webroot property to set the base for where all the resources are loaded.

What you can do is set a context parameter to specify the web root.

jmaki-webroot Set the web root to a different URL

As we get similar questions like this I will provide a link here to our global configuration file that has many similar properties you can tweak. Find it here:

Please let us know if this doesn't work for you.


Joined: 2007-06-29

Thank you, Greg. It works!