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In my application, I have setup a try/catch statement at the root of the code, to catch and display any exception that would occur in my code, to help me debug.
I use for that the StackTraceElement object that I get by doing a getStackTrace on the exception.

But I have found that StackTraceElement is not part of the personal basis profile libraries. But if I compile my project (using default JDK libraries as well as personal basis profuile, it works fine on WinDVD!

Have you got any info on this? Is it or not part of the libraries? Maybe PBP 1.1?

If not, have you got a method to display the stack when an exception occurs?

Thanks, Francois

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Hi Francoislionet,

The StacktrackTraceElement class is not part of PBP 1.0. You can download the API here:

Hope this helps.

Denny B.
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Hi Francoislionet,

You can't do chained exception in PBP 1.0, true, but you can always see the stack trace by calling Exception.printStackTrace() method directly.

I believe that a BD player can be either PBP 1.0 or 1.1 based. It's just that the content should be written against 1.0 to ensure that it works on all players.