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Where can I get the source for the example shown on this url:
I have checked out the complete meapplicationdevelopers repository,
but I only find the compiled class in the jar archive:

Rendering a svg in an applet is exactly what I need, so I would be glad if someone
can point me to this or a similar example.

I see, that although some of you have read this subject, no one (so far) could tell me where to find the source. This seems strange, since it is a demo applet and it is also part of the meapplicationdevelopers repository.
But maybe I might be asking the question in the wrong forum.

So please answer if you can give me any advice for a lightweigt solution to render a svg in a applet or where I might look instead.

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Sorry for the very slow reply on this. I have been traveling. Just wanted to close on the thread:

We use an internally developed applet to display SVG images. It is based on the "Perseus" engine which is also used for phoneME. However, the actual Perseus code is currently not yet available in the phoneME open source code base.

Until that happens you have several options:

- Many browsers already support SVG natively or through plug-ins, for example Firefox:

- Or you might use the Batik SVG toolkit in an applet:

Hope this helps,

-- Terrence