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MIDlet optimization [help needed]

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I'm newly registered on this site, although I've used it in the past to solve numerous errors. Hope I'm in the right Forum?

I'm learning Java and have recently started developing a J2ME project using NetBeans 6.0 with Mobility Pack.

My project have been running well on both my phone (Nokia N73) and using the WTK 2.5.2 emulator.

The bigger it got, the slower it ran on the phone though. In the emulator, it still runs perfectly.

After doing some, what I tought of as, optimization of the code, it now does not want to run on my phone at all. In the emulator, however, it runs perfectly. The reason for this, in my opinion, is that the memory requirements is to big for the phone. I tested it this morning on the Nokia Development site using their Remote Device Access feature and managed to install and run it perfectly on a Nokia N95 8gb, which obviously has tons of RAM available for application excecution.

I'm hoping that there is someone on here willing to take a look at my code and tell me what they think. It is probably my use of Threads causing the problem.

Do I post the code here? The MIDlet is 375 lines and the Canvas is 1485 lines :-/

Any help would be appreciated.


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And what is your midlet size? If it is huge due to external libraries used, then try to remove unused classes with Proguard.