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Classloader and memory

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Profiling my overly memory hungry graphics application with jmap, I find that after int arrays and char arrays (roughly expected to be targets), the heaviest memory users are class related (histo below).

I can't find much out there on how to interpret this data: glossary of this output, what sort of performance is expected, etc.

Anyone have pointers to resources I can look at?

Thanks much,

(histo output)
1: 21912 179100712 [I
2: 156615 11383056 [C
3: 52233 6385792
4: 52233 4196728
5: 155071 3721704 java.lang.String
6: 82292 3080840
7: 4675 2934480
8: 4675 2487768
9: 4201 1897200

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You can try to use a real profiler like NetBeans profiler or visual vm

Run the profilers, then attach it to your application.
Navigate on your application and monitor it on profiler. You will see what piece of code is eating memory.