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PhoneME Feature MR2 binary for WM with Optional Packages

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Joined: 2008-02-21

Where i can find binaries for WM5 and wm2003 phoneme feature mr2 full optionals package developed so far?? i need in details jsr 135, 172,180,179,135 and 82. who can help me? please please

I have see binary distribuited by devyp but i need optiona packages ...

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Joined: 2006-10-13

Dear paganopaganino!

phoneME Feature was not ported to WinMobile so far.
The win32 port is available in sources from download page. There are a direct link here:

This package includes win32 implementations of JSRs you are looking for.
The porting layer is clearly defined. The name of the porting layer is javacall - you would need to look what changes you would need to perform in order to port these JSRs from win32 to winmob. I assume that the gap is not big.