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for those interested. blu-ray job

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saw this. for anyone interested this company is looking for java people. not sure what tools they use though.


BluFocus Inc ( , a start up testing and services company, is in search of a Blu-ray Java Engineer for the next generation of Home Entertainment, Blu-ray.

This position will require you to work closely with identifying issues found on titles that are in production and also work within an R&D environment to create unique and advanced blu-ray features. (BluFocus is not an authoring production house but will be working with authoring facilities to test titles in production)

This is a start up company so there is potential for growth. Looking for team players interested in learning, assisting and being part of a group ensuring the playability of movies being released on the blu-ray format.

DUTIES (not limited to)
1. Test and Debug applications using BD-J tools, etc.
2. Assist in testing to ensure player compatibility and correct functionality
3. Work with Project Managers, QA testers and Engineering group
4. Provide solutions and suggestions for work arounds and/or improvements for titles not operating correctly
5. Develop with group unique features within BD-J

- Bachelor Degree (BS) in Computer Science or equivalent
- 2+ years experience with object-oriented design and development of applications using Java.

- Knowledge of Java, C/C++ and J2ME
- Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Embedded System development, optimization of memory size, data size and performance.
- Commitment to provide excellent quality
- Ability to work overtime (when necessary)
- Excellent in organization and problem solving.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Strong team player.
- Attention to detail

- Experience with mobile game programming and J2ME
- Familiar with Blu-ray/DVD Authoring
- Experience with development tools (e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc.).

If interested, please send resumes to: (Subject Line: Jobs