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small doubt on jxta

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Joined: 2008-02-20

Hi All, I am new to jxta. I had few doubts. I am planning for a chat application and in general review of technologies I found that jxta can do what is required for me. But before I start my project I want to be clear in mind. I had few doubts. They are as follows.

how will it idetify a peer through internet who is located on a company intranet. One thing is, all the nodes on the company intranet connects to the internet through a proxy server.
note : I took the proxy DNS name which is configured in InternetExplorer on my company computer and got the IP by pinging it. After I got the IP I went home and connected to internet using my pc and pinged the IP and found that the IP is not live on the network.

JXTA doc claims that it can find the peers in this kind of situation too. So my doubt is how can it find out. What is its approach to achieve this.

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Joined: 2007-01-31

Hi, JXTA uses Relays. This is described in the JXTA Programming Guide. You can download it at: