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New to Java ME Need help

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Joined: 2008-02-20

Hi, I'm new to java I've seen different types of Java I am planning to make an application for mobile phones similar to jaiku in which I need to access my server's database. What type of Java and tools do I need to use? Do I need the java wireless development tool?

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Joined: 2003-06-15

To determine which is the right "java" for you depends on your background and target audience.
If you have worked with server technologies (javaEE, JSP, ASP, JavaScript) in the past, and your target devices are Windows mobile, IPhone, Palm Treo type devices, then you may want to consider doing a type of AJAX, as that may be more in-line with your current knowledge base.

If you have worked with Desktop app development (JavaSE, AWT, c/c++) and you want to build applications that work when you are without signal, or are standalone for use on an airplane when the phone is in airplane mode, then JavaME may be the language of choice.
The types of phones this technology does not work well on would be the WindowsMobile, IPhones and somewhat the palm treo. But it does cover parts of BlackBerry, and a large part of the standard cellphone market.

If you want to focus only on BlackBerry devices, then grab the JDE from, and that will be all you need. But for JavaME, if you like Netbeans install the mobility pack, and if you like eclipse try EclipseME. However with EclipseME you will need the WTK, while NetBeans has it included in their mobility pack.

If you aren't really interested in dealing with the difficulties of JavaME development, and are not overly interested in making money selling your JavaME apps (which very few do). Then you might try a project called Mojax by, as it provides a nice ability to make apps for devices and lessens the pain of getting into mobile development.