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Insert and modify data with dojo editable table (etable)

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Joined: 2008-02-18

Hi, i want to create a simple application that insert and modify date from a table.

It's possible to use a Dojo Editable Table for update exsisting data in a table? If it's possible how can i do it?

To insert a new row in a Dojo Editable Table i can create a button 'new row' that create a blank new row and than with the 'update process' i fill in the data. How can i do that?

Sorry but i don't speakk very well english.

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Joined: 2005-02-10

You can see examples of this in the functional tests which you can download. Look at the index.jsp file for how to specify the actions on the buttons which addRows, clear or updateRows. Look at the glue.js file which shows how to build the publish messages for the table. Get the tests from:

Get the file called

The data is hard coded in the test but you can access a server side component using the jmaki.doAjax call which returns JSON formated data for the table. The format needs to follow what is specified on the data model wiki pages.

See for the data format.