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2 Web services in same package

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Bhakti Mehta

It is enough to have web service name unique. I have certain tests where
I have tried such cases and this worked for me. Maybe if you can send me
your NB project I can look and get back

Dru Devore wrote:
> I admit that I have not read the spec and I don't have time right now
> to do it so I wanted to ask the question and I hope someone here can
> answer it.
> I have 2 related web services both coming from a database through EJB3
> with a session bean, I know that doesn't matter but I wanted to give
> the info anyway. I created the web services through netbeans with the
> classes in the same package and deployed to Glassfish 2. I worked on a
> problem with the services for a couple of days through the simple test
> page. I finally found noticed that the test pages were coming up with
> the wrong objects. For instance service A should use object X and
> service B should use object Y but the test pages were showing this
> service A with object X when service B would show object X
> or
> Service A with object Y when service B would show object Y
> Basically both services wanted to return the same object
> What I am wondering is if there is something in the spec ! that
> restricts services from using the same paths? To say it another way.
> Is it enough to have the Service name unique or does the path to the
> service have to be unique?
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> Dru Devore
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