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TextField and Button "Fading"

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I've tried "fading" in TextField and Button objects that are "on top of" a Rect object that animates its height. However, I've been unsuccessful at fading in the TextField and Button objects.

What I have is a simple Rect object that expands its height from 0 to some number. Then, I want my TextField and Button object to note when the Rect object has finished expanding and "fade in."

On the Rect object, I have on its height attribute:

<br />
height: bind [0..rHeight] dur 3000<br />

On my TextField and Button objects, I'd like to do this to their respective visible attributes:

<br />
visible: if(.currentHeight < rHeight) then false else true<br />

Note that the TextField, Button and Rect objects are all within the same object (). However, my objects don't "fade in." Instead, their visibility remains false.

I've tried using the "this" keyword, as well as the object name, but I've been unsuccessful.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Have you tried
visible: bind if(

.currentHeight < rHeight) then false else true [/code] Also, I don't think this will produce the fading effect you want... you should look at the opacity attribute instead... Pat.