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Swing / Java Desktop Application / Java 6 Splash Screen

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I have encountered an issue that I can't figure out. Hopefully, one of you has already seen it and can point to the answer.

I develop in NetBeans 6 and recently moved to Java 6 (from 5). I have splash screens working using Swing components and have starting using the Java 6 way with the splash screen listed in the manifest file in a jar. Getting the new method to work is pretty simple for many apps. But I have found a problem when using the new splash method with the Java Application Framework. Here is how the problem occurs:

Open NetBeans.

Select New Project | Java | Java Desktop Application, press Next, then select Basic Application.

Now without any other changes, just go into the manifest file and add the line for the splash screen. If you accept all the default names I think the line would be:

SplashScreen-Image: desktopapplication1/resources/splash.png

Then build and run it and see if the splash screen works.

Mine doesn’t. I have tinkered with it for a week with no luck.

Any ideas?