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[BD-J-DEV] repaint and HScene.setBackgroundMode

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Hi all!
we did some tests in our lab here where we have mhp stb, bd-j stb
and a couple of bd-j pc players.

Focus of the test was the subject: how HScene.setBackgroundMode actually
influence HScene repaint() method

On mhp boxes that hit the market since 2003 there is a well known issue:
setBackgroundMode() doesn't actually do anything at all and the boxes
behave as if BACKGROUND_FILL is always set as default, this is
consistent on all the mhp boxes.

Bd-j pc players do the same as mhp boxes BUT at least 2 bd-j boxes
managed setBackgroundMode() calls and for one of them it seems also the
only way to get a decent frame rate.

We are thinking how to deal with it at xlet start time but things became
difficult because you can't relay on API about BACKGROUD_FILL on the
boxes, a possibility can be to figure out the best performance at
initialization time and stick with it but you will never be able to
choose between giving up some performance to avoid some artifacts
because you are not in front of the tv, asking something about that to
the user would be even a worse experience than waiting more time at
start up for the performance tests and finally as told before the API
doesn't respond properly.

If you are interested in the source code, that also measure the drawing
performance, we used for the test just e-mail me, the source code is
about a jumping image trying to collect falling strings and tests 4
different paint models, with or without BACKGROUND_FILL and with or
without blitting from a second buffer, that as far as we tested is
always slower.


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