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Using Push Registry

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Hi All,

I'm new to JavaME development. I'm trying to develop a application which will make use of Push Registry. Can some one give me an idea on like what percentage of cell phones actually support this feature and the issues involved in developing an app making use of push registry ?


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Well it depends on which PushRegistry you are speaking of:

  • alarms

  • socket/datagram
  • SMS

Of these only the alarms, and sms are of use to the general developer, and of these SMS can be costly to get a SMSC that supports binary message types which is what is needed.

Socket/datagrams are not functional in the real world as operators are going to have a firewall that blocks any routing to a phone, unless the phone has a static IP. To my knowledge Nextel was the only company that would do that, all the rest use NAT'ed networks for phone data communication.

So while most MIDP2.0 phones have push registry (I've seen some that actually don't), usually this API is somewhat locked down unless signed. (else you get a bunch of warnings). The Alarm function is almost the only usable part of that API.

If you want information on SMS PushRegistry (while a few years old now) you can check out a small book I published at:


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The push registry is mandatory for all MIDP 2.0 phones, so that covers a large percentage of phones produced in the last 2 to 3 years.

An article on using the push registry can be found on our wiki:

Hope that helps,

-- Terrence

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Yes you are right terren, all phones having MIDP 2.0 are bound to have Push Registry functionality, but it depends at what extent it supports push registry, because some mobiles only support alarm based push registry and some provide the functionality of both alarm and connection based, so while testing on mobile phones you often don't get the required results as you expect it to be.

but still there are large amount of mobile phones that support pushregistry to its fullest. but i would prefer nokia phones for testing or any other but not sony ericsson.