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b10 - update N graphics acceleration

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This isn't a bug. I really just wanted to say how fantastic the graphics acceleration is in 6u10. I have what is probably a overly simplistic little framework for drawing "sprites". I borrowed the painters idea and just layer them on top of each other to make a simple and probably cliche version of the asteroids game. Under 1.5 I have like 30% CPU utilization for something that moves maybe 40 sprites at a time. Well I was about to give up on my plan and see if I missed some optimization when I tried the game on 1.6u10. I get 1% CPU utilization and can paint 2000+ sprites. I was amazed. I still need to learn the best way to build my game for any version of java. I may switch to jogl, but it was really great to see my unoptimized little game work so well. So I want to say thank you to the people involved in bringing the new video acceleration to update N.


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Thanks a lot for kind words!

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