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Programming CDC application

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We have trying to start a project programed for J2ME CDC Personal Profile. We are using Netbeans as IDE.

We have installed J9 JVM from IBM (a trial) in our PDA (it doesn't ship any CDC JVM) and it works, but only runs an example that we received with the trial.

I don't know if the problem is that we are not creating our application correctly or that this IBM trial only runs the example.

Any help will be appreciated with:

Installing another JVM in our PDA. We have tried with phoneME, but the method that we use with J9 (associating jar files in registry) does not work. We added \path_to_cvm\cvm.exe "%1" and it doesn't works.

Building a CDC application with Netbeans that we can execute in J9 JVM.

Downloading any Netbeans project programmed for J2me CDC Personal Profile.

Help, please!!!

Thanks a lot

Manu & Oscar

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Can you be more specific about how exactly it "doesn't work" with phoneME?

Also, be sure to look at the instructions on the phoneME Advanced wiki:

Let me know if that yields any results. Cheers,

-- Terrence