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run wsimport and wsgen as ant task

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Ofc I have searched for this before posting. But nothing written out there are helping me.

I know about the taskdef thing but ant cannot find "".

I am not using jax-ws, not glassfish, not EE, nothing...... But JSE6.0 (jdk1.6.0_04).

So I can't refer to jax-ws lib or glassfish or ee. I try to find it in the JSE6 lib but cannot find it there (java.home/lib).

tools.jar doesn't include "...ant.wsimport". (Windows dist.)

Ofc I could download one of this to get it to work but I don't wanna.

I want to show my coleagues how good and easy WS are running on java with the normal java se..... And everything _are_ running very good except the ant problem. And to my, not having a working ant meaning not having a alternative for large scale development and production.

If this isn't working with any easy thing. Is there anyone who knows when ant are releasing a ant version with jax-ws support?

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> I know about the taskdef thing but ant cannot find
> "".

This is a specific task which is part of WSIT implementation of JAX-WS. Check this out

namely package webservices-tools.jar

you will find your missing ant task there.

Cheers, Jan

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