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How to: JavaFX as Web Application

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How can I use JavaFX as web application?
I mean to say, can I use it as replacement of JSP? If so, how?

Waiting for your kind & early response.

Thanks in advance.

-- K

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I've got similar questions so I hope I can join this topic.

I need to use JMS and ResourceBundle (for internationalizations).
Would I be able to use JavaFX together with these resources?


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I have just found some useful info> incase anyone wondered the same thing

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JavaFX Script is a client-side technology, so it doesn't generate web pages on the server like JSPs. JavaFX Script programs can run as an applet inside of a browser, which gives you the advantages of very powerful 2D graphics and Java Swing components. It can communicate with a server technology such as JSPs, servlets, or EJBs, which could supply much of the application logic and database access capability. Please

Jim Weaver
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Hi Jim Weaver,
Actually I have used sample Applications of JavaFx from NetBeans IDE and I have successfully executed it. Now My Problem is I want to use this JavaFx at Client Side. If I create a normal web application in NetBeans which consists of JSP and Servlet in that How can I use JavaFx ? . Please can you provide detailed description of using JavaFx in JSP . is it possible to use JavaFx in JSP ?

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i hoe someone answer you Mr. Jim Weaver, we have the same questions and I also want to develop a web application also using JavaFX as a replacement for java applet. now I am using Struts 2 for my web application, I hope someone can also give me idea if i can use it also here the JavaFX.