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Please, How can I change photos of the 3d jukebox (carousel) ??

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I need change the photos of the 3d jukebox(cds). In thats CDS We can see the photos of the sun-ceo (Jonathan Schwartz), and other photos. I need change this and others photos by my photos and of the my parents.

Where I can download de project ?? (and every xml)

Because I can't see this xml in my pc

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Kirk Turner

That is one of the demo applications, and you'll need to change either
the source or replace the files in your version to change the images.
The source is available via the CVS under the lg3d-demo-apps project -
have a look at the LG3D Developers Guide
( for how to get
the source and setup your development environment. The source for the
application is under

However if you just want to replace the 4 images (there isn't any way
to add/remove images without changing the code) you can try extracting
the lg3d-demo-app.jar and replacing the four files in there and
recreating the jar file. The files are CD1.png, CD2.png, CD3.png and
CD4.png under the directory:


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Joined: 2008-01-17