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photocube demo with animation timing framework

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Joined: 2008-01-25

I am trying to compile the photocube demo
that uses animation timing framework. I found that classes like

# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.Cycle;
# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.Envelope;
# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.TimingController;
# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.TimingEvent;
# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.TimingListener;
# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.interpolation.ObjectModifier;
# import org.jdesktop.animation.timing.interpolation.PropertyRange;

are gone. OK, it looks like TimingController is now Animator - any recommendations for quick fixing other stuff?

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Joined: 2007-01-19

ObjectModifier and PropertyRange are replaced by PropertySetter,
TimingListener may be renamed into TimingEventListener,
TimingEvent looks like it is gone.
Cycle and Envelope are gone, too, I guess. Chet spoke of them in "Timing is everything" as useful concepts that may not last forever in the API.

kind regards