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Drag and drop

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Joined: 2008-01-24

Hi to everybody, this is my first post here, hope this is the right place an sorry for my bad english.

I need to drag and drop between two Nodes in a canvas, I looked at the api of JavaFX and i found out that it seems all set up but I can't get it to work. Actually the drop works is the drag that doesn't, here is part of my code:

Circle {
opacity: 0.7
cx: bind xpos+215+me.radius
cy: bind ypos+25+me.radius
radius: 15
fill: cornflowerblue
exportDrag: true
onMouseDragged: operation(e:CanvasMouseEvent){
System.out.println("drag x:{e.x }y: {e.y}");
exportAsDrag: function():CanvasDragEvent{

return CanvasDragEvent{
source: me
dragValue: myJavaObject
dragView: Circle{
radius: 5
fill: red
canAcceptDrop: operation(e:CanvasDropEvent){
System.out.println("can accept dorp");
return true;
onDragExit: operation(e:CanvasDropEvent){
System.out.println("drag exit");

onDrop: operation(e:CanvasDropEvent){
System.out.println("on dorp");

if the attribute exportDrag is set to true the Node doesn't receive anymore the onMouseDragged event, and since the exportAsDrag is a function I have no idea how I can know if it is invoked. Also onDragExit seems not to work...

Thanks in advance for any answer.

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Joined: 2007-05-18

Drag and drop is being addressed aggressively in compiled JavaFX Script. So far, UI widgets are being worked on, and as I understand it, the "Node" side of JavaFX Script will be dealt with next (and hopefully soon).

FWIW, I highly recommend that developers jump in and play with compiled JavaFX Script. The compiler team could really use the help in identifying issues that occur when real-life scenarios are being developed. When you find them, enter them into JIRA with a very simple program that reproduces the problem that you find. For example, I suggest that you try the program that you submitted in this post in compiled JavaFX Script and submit a JIRA issue if the drag doesn't work.

See the following posts in my "Helping You Become a JavaFXpert" weblog to get started in compiled JavaFX script:

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Jim Weaver