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NullpointerException in AnimationPanel

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I see stacktraces which look like the submitted one from time to time on my Linux box (with the new and the old plugin):

<br />
  at sun.plugin.util.AnimationPanel.createTranslucentImage(Unknown Source)<br />
  at sun.plugin.util.AnimationPanel.createGradientShapeImage(Unknown Source)<br />
  at sun.plugin.util.AnimationPanel.initBackground(Unknown Source)<br />
  at sun.plugin.util.AnimationPanel.preloadResources(Unknown Source)<br />
  at sun.plugin.util.AnimationPanel.doPaint(Unknown Source)<br />
  at Source)<br />
  at Source)<br />

It works without any problems so it is only cosmetic.

I searched a bit in the bug-database and a guy with Vista also had the "problem" above in 6640797. However looking at the code the only possible problem is as far as I can imagine that the return GraphicsConfiguration is null?

lg Clemens

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You're right, these exceptions are only cosmetic. This code isn't completely thread safe. Some of the gray box-related exceptions have been cleaned up under 6648922, in particular a few which would actually cause the applet to not work.