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TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer for SunVMs 1.6 released

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Joined: 2006-02-15

I just released Version 1.6 of my little tool TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer. Changes from 1.5 are:

  • Added new filter rule "stack line count greater as".
  • Added clipboard operation in logfile view.
  • Enhanced Monitor View, added expand all nodes and sort by thread count to popup.
  • Added View operations for root tree.
  • Added Drag and Drop for new files to open.
  • Threads are now displayed in a table, the thread ids and native ids are
    transferred from hexadecimal to decimal.
  • Date parsing for Sun JDK 1.6 time stamps is added as default regex.
  • Bugfixed and reworked long running thread detection.
  • Extended Help Overview.
  • General Bugfixing.

You'll find further information in my blog. The tool can be downloaded or started using Webstart on the tool's homepage.