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3D Java Development Kit-Please Help

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Okay, I'm very confused. I downloaded NetBeans IDE 6.0 ( I think thats the kit, right?), and I try to open a java file with it. The java file loads, but whe I try to build it, I get an error on almost every single line. Why is this? Am I not using the Java 3d JDK, but using the Java2 JDK?

Also, how do I open/compile/run multiple files? Like I have a folder of all the stuff to go inside the compiler, but same thing. I load them, and then a wave and waves of errors.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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Joined: 2008-01-20

I'm Sorry, but Ive never done this before....Ok I figured out that I need the j3d core, vecmath and utils, but how do i put those in netbeans???HELP!!!!!!

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Someone could revise this post and put it on Wiki, please ?

[b]To run Java3D projects on NetBeans:[/b]
Unpack your Java3D jar and dlls in the same JDK used by your NetBeans.
This is needed for your application find out the Java3D libs and binaries at runtime.
Make sure you put the files in the right place:
*.jar on JDK/JRE/libs/ext
dll on JDK/JRE/bin (windows)
so on JDK/JRE/lib/i386/ (Linux 32bits)

[b]To compile and debug Java3D applications on NetBeans:[/b]
The best thing to do here is to create a Library on NetBeans.
Go to to download the necessary files.

Create a folder, as C:\MyJavaLibs, and put there the Java3D jar files, the zipped javadoc (optional), the zipped source files (optional).

To create a library, go to Netbeans' menu and choose Tools | Library | New Library button.
Name it as JAVA3D_LIB (as example)
Click "Classpath" tab, and then "Add Jar/Folder..." button and select the files

[Optional]Click on "Javadoc" tab and then "Add Jar/Folder..." button and select the zipped javadoc file:

[Optional] Click on "Sources" tab and then "Add Jar/Folder..." button and select the zip source files:

[b]Using the Library[/b]
To use the Java3D library, right click in your project, choose Properties, Libraries and pick your Java3D library created as described above.

>Also, how do I open/compile/run multiple files?
Search on NetBeans Help system how to create a Project and how to create a project form existent source code.
It is very simple and take less the 2 minutes to create a project.

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Thank you very much.

Also, I see that j3dcore.jar and vecmath.jar appear in the left hand pane of NetBeans, but is the j3dutils.jar also supposed to be there? It isn't, and I double checked that j3dutils.jar is in the library that I assigned my project to. Is it just not supposed to show up there?

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Oh, and if I do open all the files in a project, press F11 then F6, and the output says build successful, but no program or whatever pops up.