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How to change mouse cursor during drag and drop

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Hi Guys,

Iam performing a Drag and drop from Table1(on top of the figure) to Table2(down in the figure).

see attached figure...

Have implemented the Drag and drop functionality using "Transferable" and "TransferHandler"using the java tutorial

Now My problem is that ,I want to make the 1st column in Table2(ie: Column2-0) not to accept any drops so that the cursor appears like a "No-Drop" cursor but with selection on the column cell during a drop action.

Also when I move my cursor between "column2-0" and "column2-1",want to to have the "No-Drop" and "Drop" cursor to appear depending on the column.

How can I achieve it using the TransferHandle class.Dont want to go the AWT way of implementing all the source and target listeners on my own.

Have overridded the "CanImort" as follows:

public boolean canImport(JComponent c, DataFlavor[] flavors) {

JTable table = (JTable)c;
Point p = table.getMousePosition();

/* if(p==null)
return false;
int selColIndex = table.columnAtPoint(p);
return false;*/

If I execute the above commented code,The "No-Drop" Icon appears in "column2-0",but no cell selection.Also If I move to "column2-1",which is the 1st column,Still get the "No-Drop" Icon there,also with no cell selection.

for (int i = 0; i < flavors.length; i++) {
if ((DataFlavor.stringFlavor.equals(flavors[i]))) {
return true;
return false;

Thanks in advance....