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Applet friendly

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Joined: 2004-11-03

There is a minor bug in 0.4.1 that prevents Scene Graph from working in an unsigned applet.

The problem comes from SGLeaf, where the static initializer throws an Exception.

A workaround could be:

public abstract class SGLeaf extends SGNode {
private Rectangle2D subregionBounds;
final static boolean DONT_SKIP_PAINT;

static {
// !Boolean.getBoolean("com.sun.scenario.scenegraph.skippaint");
boolean dontSkipPaint = true;
dontSkipPaint = !Boolean.getBoolean("com.sun.scenario.scenegraph.skippaint");
catch (Exception e){
e.printStackTrace(); // modified
DONT_SKIP_PAINT = dontSkipPaint;


- Morten

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Joined: 2005-11-15

Thanks for reporting this, Morten.

We've seen this problem as well. The good news is that a fixed SGLeaf is already checked into the SVN repository.