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[OT] Sun/Open-Source DMS atop glassfish?

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moving forth introducing glassfish/SJSAS to our local environment, I
stumbled upon an interesting question: A company we are communicating
with (technically) once in a while is using the whole load of Oracle
stuff in their backend, including SQL DB, OAS and Oracle ContentDB [1].

Generally, after looking at all the things in question (technology,
support, licensing), we prefer Sun to Oracle in almost any respect, but
given we are into document management, ContentDB seems an interesting

So, question: Is there an alternative to this usable with
SJSAS/glassfish? What kind of software are you folks using to do your
document management (if any)? Even though of course I would prefer
open-source implementations, I'd feel happy to see if there are any
"proprietary" Sun offerings on that (feel free to contact me off-list
if this is too off-topic here).

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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There are several open source & proprietary content & document management solutions built on top of apache JackRabbit. Unfortunately, I have no experience with any of them so I cannot recommend any specifics. I'd guess most of them will run on Glassfish.