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Features of DOM API

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Hi everyone,
Here's some information i found out about DOM API. DOM API defines the various classes & interfaces that you can use in your Java application to parse XML documents. A DOM tree consists of nodes, where each node represents a component of the XML document. Different types of nodes supported by DOM API are :-
Element node :- Represents an individual tag or tag pairs in an HTML code.
Text node :- Represents the data of types, content or character of the XML document
Attribute node:- Represents an attribute of an element.

Parsing XML documents using DOM is memory intensive as the DOM parser stores the DOM tree as objects in the memory.

DOM API Packages
org.w3c.dom :- Contains a set of interfaces that allows parsing XML documents using DOM.
javax.xml.parsers :- Contains the DOM-specific DocumentBuilderFactory & the DocumentBuilder classes in addition to the SAX-specific classes.

This is some of the information I could get on DOM API. Please feel free to post your own comments & suggestions regarding this discussion. Thank you.