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The Light Development File Manager has been released

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The Light Development File Manager ( ) is a Swing application that manages files commonly over different operating systems locally and remotely. It is the reference implementation on the client side for the Light Development File System ( ) and the Light Development File Server ( ) which altogether conclude a 100% Java approach for file management distributed over different machines.

While different authentication and authorisation models could be applied for remote file management, in Version 1 the Light Development File Manager has built in support for two ways of remote file management, unauthenticated using the FileServer servlet component from the Light Development File Server (for reference and testing) and authenticated using the Light Development TREC platform ( ) merely for use in production.

Both remote file mangement approaches have built in support for communication via XML-RPC through either HTTP or HTTPS. The software is in productive use and has been tested on Windows (client) and Tomcat on Linux (server) so far.

The Light Development file management products are published as open source under the BSD License and are meant for both productive use and for extension into other means of distributed file management in the Java SE and EE domain.

Have a lot of fun!