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How to manage with security when using jsr-75 (mp3 file access) ?

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I want to build an mp3 player in Java. The problem is that because of the java midlet security, the player asks for user permission for each mp3 file that it wants to play. This is unacceptable for a decent player. On my phone (samsung sgh-250) I cannot set the permission to "session" (so the application management software would ask once and not any more for the time the midlet runs) because I don't have this option for the untrusted midlets. The other possibility is to have my midlet signed, which is also not an acceptable alternative.
My question is this: is there a way to ask the user permission once and store the result (answer) into the midlet's environment somehow ? If this is not possible, the only solutions I see are to install a cracked firmware or to buy another phone.
This is a really annoying matter reguarding java security.

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You're going to have a lot of problems with Samsung. The newer Sony Ericsson phones have removed those pointless security restrictions (I mean they only ask once for permission)