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I can't import a WSDL with simple types of the same name but different name

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Joined: 2004-09-03

I have a WSDL that I'm trying to import into Netbeans 6. It's giving me an error that a "class/interface with the same name is already in use".
In the WSDL are 4 simpleTypes defined all with the exact same name but they are separate schemas each with a unique namespace.

Is there an option within netbeans to support this and if not I'm assuming there was be something in the JAX-WS RI implementation they use to deal with this. I'm noticing Axis (Eclipse) creates a unique package for each namespace and visual studio creates one package but it appends a number to the end of each class.

How can I get this to work. There must be an easy way as this is a pretty common occurence. I'm noticing netbeans only lets me select one package for all classes generated for a given WSDL.

Thanks much in advance!


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Joined: 2004-09-03

So in doing some research on this it's looking like JAX-WS will automatically put all classes in same package and you need to create a custom binding to get types from various namespaces to go in different packages. What I'm having a hard time finding is an example of this. Especailly an example of doing this right from within Netbeans 6 if possible.

it'd be really nice if JAX-WS automatically put the types from different namespaces in different packages so you don't end up with collisions.

Is there any plan to do this?