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AjaxSwing 2.0 - AJAX front end for Swing applications

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CreamTec is proud the announce that AjaxSwing 2.0 is available for download. AjaxSwing is a unique tool for Java that provides automated web-enabling for GUI based Java applications and applets. AjaxSwing allows developers to implement a GUI front end using AWT and Swing, and at the same time automatically get HTML access to the application. AjaxSwing can be thought of as a runtime Java to HTML converter, that migrates Java user interface to an interactive web site. It then emulates web page actions as GUI events to retain application original logic. AjaxSwing is unique in that it requires no modifications to existing forms and business logic, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs. You have to see it to believe it. Listed below are major new features and improvements

* Product renamed to AjaxSwing
* AJAX functionality for component rendering and asynchronous communication with the server
* Asynchronous submit of client-side events and operations
* Partial page updates only to changed components
* Dramatic speed improvements in rendering and request processing
* Row context menus in JTable (see TableSupport)
* Custom node icons and context menus in JTree (see TreeSupport)
* Improved scripts on UNIX platforms
* Allow environment variables and directories of JARS in agent.classPath
* Drop shadows are added to windows

AjaxSwing is distributed under a dual license. It is licensed under GNU Public License for qualifying mature non-commercial open source projects. For commercial and closed-source uses, it is licensed under a proprietary commercial license. Both licenses provide access to full source code and privileges to contribute and commit code.

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