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Hello, is anybody out there?

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Joined: 2008-01-02

I hope the lack of posts and assistance within this forum is not reflective of JavaFX's future. I am actually quite surprised that something that could greatly impact Java at the client has little involvement from the developer community (or Sun for that matter).

It's also impossible to obtain information (beyond simple demos) on how to use JavaFX Script, the compiler, and scenario. Contrast that with Google's Android forums/documentation and it is night and day.

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Joined: 2007-05-18

Do you have a specific question? I did see a post in which I surmised that you are trying to use NetBeans build compiled JavaFX Script programs. I saw that someone replied, offering help and his email address. I haven't by the way, tried this, and will wait until the compiled JavaFX Script plug-in is available. I use an IDE for organizing the code in my compiled JavaFX Script projects, and then compile and run using javafxc and javafx respectively.

Regarding available resources, in addition to this OpenJFX site and the PlanetJFX site, please check out the "Making You a JavaFXpert" weblog, as I've been trying to share latest advances in JavaFX technologies, including lots of code, on that site.

Jim Weaver
"Making You a JavaFXpert" weblog:

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Er.... These projects aren't exactly quiet. There's probably been 20-30 or more messages in all the OpenJFX forums in the past 3 days. Not a freight train, but not bad. And I suggest you subscribe to the users and developers mailing lists if you like to hear more.

There are a lot of smart and very helpful people actively responding to things. Jim Weaver, for one, who wrote a book on JFX. Just post questions that make sense and people will respond in kind.

Finally, this is painfully alpha software, and is more important to Java than Sun is willing to admit. These things are unfortunate, but true. Sun talks a lot about JFX, but I really don't think they are ready to commit to a "make JFX big, whatever the cost" attitude -- see the slow release of the Eclipse plugin for an example.