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Migrating J2EE application to Blackberry

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I have J2EE web application which I want to migrate to Blackberry. The screens are all developed for a desktop environment. How do I customise it to a Blackberry device? Do I need to write it all over again or is there a way I can re-use my JSP code?

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Sorry for the slow reply. I was hoping someone with specific Blackberry experience could answer.

Generally, you don't want to migrate code from a desktop or web environment onto a mobile device without major rethinking of the application. You need to consider things like the use cases, the user interaction and input methods, screen sizes, processing power, network limitations, local storage possibilities, etc, etc. The approach I would advocate is to take a step back and look at what you want features you want to provide to the mobile user and how to craft a satisfying user experience. Then you take those elements and reduce and rework your enterprise or desktop app to fit the mobile platform.

Let me know if you have more questions,

-- Terrence