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WSDL (and xsd) files generation for a web service on Glassfish with JAX-WS

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Joined: 2008-01-10

I'm just starting with web services, I wrote a simple service with 2 web methods.
The application server I'm using is glassfish with JAX-WS for web services.

I have no problems so far with a Servlet client :-)

I'm trying to develop a Perl client for the web service, I'm using the SOAP::WSDL package and the error I get when I call the web method is:
Error processing WSDL: can't find the path '/definitions/types/xsd:schema/xsd:element[@name="getUnitCageSlot"]/xsd:complexType/descendant::xsd:element'

Here's the thing, I generate the wsdl and xsd file with JAX-WS's wsgen utility, and it places xs as a prefix for the schema definition and not xsd as the Perl package expects (as we can see from the error message).

I tried manually changing the prefix before creating the war file, but when I deploy the war file in glassfish I get the "wsgen" files, I guess glassfish re-generates the wsdl (or something like that).

His there some way to configure the prefix for JAX-WS (or glassfish)? I explored changing the prefix in Perl on my Perl installation it's in to many places :-(

Any help and advice would be highly appreciated, I have no idea how to proceed right now.


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Joined: 2008-01-10

I forgot to say that I'm working with Eclipse with the glassfish plugin (in case it helps)