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MyDoggy 1.4.0 - My Java Docking Framework

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Joined: 2005-10-05

This is the release 1.4.0 of MyDoggy, an open source Java Docking Framework to be used in cross-platform Swing applications. MyDoggy is an IntelliJ Idea like docking framework for managing secondary windows within the main window. MyDoggy allows to move, resize or extract those secondary windows. Also, MyDoggy provides support for content management of the main window. Like Eclipse, MyDoggy supports the concept of "prospective" using mydoggy groups.

In this new release you can found :

New Features:

- New MultiSplitContentManagerUI : the manager represents a ui that use a component that lets the user switch between a group of components by clicking on a tab with a given title and/or icon. The position of each tab can be customized rom the ui or by code.
- New ToolWindow Aggregation Mode : a toolwindow can now be aggregated to an already visible tool specifying that as a relative position and an aggregation position as the position relative to the specified tool.
- New FloatingLive ToolWindow Type : this type enables a tool to be floating in the frame rather than having floating windows "out of the frame". See a demo here.
- A new and powrful drag system. See a demo here.

Bug Resolved:

- Disposed frame using MyDoggy is not released from memory : Request ID 1836069
- Detached windows stay in front of main window : Request ID 1834706
- Exception in Example : Request ID 1830628
- Catching and ignoring excpetions : Request ID 1826077
- MyDoggy-Set: Last interactive test does not work : Request ID 1825910

Feature Requests:

- Minimize and close buttons in the same time : Request ID 1852146
- Add ability to remove ID display from more descriptors : Request ID 1809476

Download packages using this url:

MyDoggy website :

To see MyDoggy in action go to :

Screenshots :