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yahoo.tabbed view problem

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Hello Gurus,

Iam trying to use jmaki yahoo tabbed view. Iam using netbeans(6) visual jsf along with jmaki. I have two visualjsf pages. I want to use them in yahootabbed view. Below is the code, Iam using for it.

But, I could not see the page content. Could somebody please help me. Basically, I want a tab view where one tab will contain form and the other will contain the table of this form. Since, the viusal jsf tab is very slow, I want to use jmaki tab with the UI elements of visual jsf. Any suggestions or alternatives might also help me.

Thanking you.
Best Regards,

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Joined: 2003-09-14

Just as Greg stated above this does indeed work because I use all over the place in my applications. You might try to create mapping in of your Faces Servlet to *.jsf to make things a big less confusing for you. Is the page with the tabbedview widget located in the same directory as the Page3.jsp file?

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HI Ajax, You should be able to do this but I suspect your URLs on the include might be off. Can you try using the full URL to the sub page? You should also be able to view that page in its own browser window. Also If this still gives you problems try setting iframe : true as a property on the given page. -Greg