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Information request future media capabilities in applets using update N.

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When will media features comparable to those in Flash (webcam, microphone access, streaming etc) be available for use in applets without getting users to manually install JMF.

I understand that the new update N will automatically download required packages etc when needed, could it automatically download and install JMF?

These kind of media features will soon be considered as standard in many rich web applications, particularly anything related to social networking/interaction. Indeed many clients of ours are now asking for it within the applet based application we develop. When we tell them users will need to manually download and install JMF they're not particularly pleased and start muttering about Flash.

Any information on this would be much appreciated so when can plan our product development for the coming year.

Thanks in advance


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This question can be thought of as two parts: first, how do you generically extend an applet with signed classes and native code supporting new functionality such as this, and second, when is such an extension going to be available.

With the current Java Plug-In, you can use the open-source JNLPAppletLauncher from to deploy a signed extension plus native code into an applet with no manual user installation. We currently deploy several media technologies such as JOGL, JOAL and Java 3D using this mechanism.

The next-generation Java Plug-In in the 6uN early access builds is going to support launching applets directly from JNLP files. This means that any JNLP extension designed for use in a Java Web Start application will work unmodified in an applet. This capability obsoletes the JNLPAppletLauncher above and is much more powerful. It will show up in a forthcoming 6uN early access build.

I don't know the current state of the media packages but have asked the tech lead to review this thread and post a comment.

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6uN does download the core packages as it needs them, but this would not include JMF. Currently we don't package JMF as a JNLP library, which would also provide this ability. We are also working on a new media API, JMC, which will ultimately provide these capabilities and be bundled in a future release of the Java Runtime.

Joined: 2004-12-24

Thanks for your answers.

Are you able to make a rough estimate of when these two components (automatic downloading of extensions and JMC) will be available in the production release, are we talking 6 months, 12 months or longer?
This will help me to decide whether to to use the JNLPAppletLauncher with JMF or wait for the new automatic downloading of JMC.